Flash-e-Vapor V4.5 Clone

I was really looking forward to this review, but somehow I got really stuck writing it. Way back, when I filmed review on original, I was astounded. Now I got my hands on clone of same atty and I am speechless. When I thought, that I know, what to write, it seemed inaccurate and completely off. For a while I played with thought, that i would made this review super short. How short? You can se for yourself at the bottom of all of this. But lets stop ranting about this and lets get on with the review and dive down on this clone.

Also I would like to apologize for quality of photos, but my camera was acting up for some reason.

Flash-e-Vapor is kind of unique with its construction. It is sort of crossover between RDA and RTA, lets call it AutoDripper. What do I mean by that? I will explain myself in a moment. Now lets have look at..


Plastic box contains not only atty, but also some of the accessories for maintenance. We can find there some o-rings, pin for mesh and wicks, extra airflow screws, spare glass and little coin thingy. That one is used for when you decide to dismantle whole atty. Also the coin has no engraving or anything of sorts, authentic atty has 1 eurocent.


Atomizer itself is pretty simple construction-wise and with perfect access  to the deck itself. When I received it, it was fitted with plastic ‘glass’, which was immidietly swapped for the frosted one. On photos you can see step by step assembly. Worth mentioning is also the way it feeds juice to your build, kind of making H without its legs, so essentially square U.

What I really like about this atty is its drip tip, which is super comfortable thanks to its size and material. Nicely done is also the way you fit your tank with the deck, where all that is holding whole thing together are just two o-rings and somehow it holds tight enough, when you are pulling your set from your pocket or casing. It also cant rotate thanks to little plug, that goes into the deck, and little cut outs on the tank to fit with the plug. Nice and simple.


Here I was kind of reluctant, how to build Flash, because there is quite a bit of options to choose from.

  1. Build using only wicks
  2. Build using mesh and wicks
  3. Go mental and do mesh only build
  4. Build with mesh and cotton
  5. Build with mesh and cotton

6-10) Build it whichever way I want to… I went through all of the options, but in the end, I sticked with classic wire, mesh and cotton, it’s the easiest to work out, but also most flavourful, atleast in my opinion.

Lets have a look on how to build it step by step.


  • Tank capacity
  • Amazingly comfortable draw
  • Single/Dual Airflow to choose from
  • Easy build acces
  • Great taste
  • Many build options
  • Adjustable centerpin
  • Possibility to buy additional juice flow adaptors (so you don’t have to bother with mesh)
  • Parts replaceable with original ones
  • Nice design


  • Bit trickier to build
  • Dual coil option
  • It is bit on the longer side
  • The glass spins a teeny tiny bit, but it doesn’t leak nor it hinders how it works
  • There is no eurocent, but that’s just me bing nickpicky


Yes, there are slight differences compared to authentic one, but still it didn’t stop me from doing blind test. Same build, same juice brought same results in case of both attys. In the end I wasn’t surprised by the results. I really enjoy how smooth the draw is and even for how much space there is between build deck and chimney, you don’t really need big build to get awesome flavour. In my step by step build I used 0.3 mm SS316L around 2.5 mm bit. Nicely made access to the deck, simply just pull the tank of and here you go.

This test was really nice experience for me and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Last but not least, I would like to thank e-liquid.eu for sending clone Flash-e-Vapor for the purposes of the review. Thanks a lot.

P.S. I almost forgot. Previous version of this review, that was on my mind for some time was, that if you want authentic, buy authentic.

You want to save some money and still get the authentic experience? Buy clone.

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