Differ – ICE e-liquid range [Review]

Today we’ll have a look at the second new range from Differ. This range is called ICE and as the name suggest, we’ll be looking at icy fruity e-liquids. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Each shortfill bottle that comes in a blue plastic box is a 80ml one and contains 60ml of VG70 liquid ready just to add booster/VG/PG and you’re good to go.

Before we start, let’s state the usuall: taste is a subjective matter so whatever I like and suits me doesn’t have to suit you and the other way around.


We’ll start with the classic Apple. What we get here is a nice green apple which sits somewhere between a fresh apple and candy apple rings. You can tell the apple is crispy and nicely sweet. The sweetness nicely balances the icy part of the whole flavour. The cooling is not too strong and will not give you a brainfreeze and probably even people that don’t like icy vapes won’t have a problem with it. Overall a nice refreshing apple without any chemical or other weird notes.


I’m not really a fan of mango vapes since they have a weird aftertaste for me. But in this case i was nicely surprised. The mango is simillar to a fresh mango juice while still having the usual woody taste of the mango stone. The flavour is not as sweet as i find other mango vapes to be. The cooling very nicely accompanies the raste making it even more simillar to the real fresh mango juice. If i was to choose a mango vape, i’d probably go with this one.


Same as the Tangerine from the Super Supai range, Berries is really dependant on what tank (and build) you use it in and probably works the best in Sub-Ohm tanks. But it never gets really soapy like the Tangerine does. The main flavour i can pick seems to be something like a cranberry and then a usual mix of red berries i can’t really tell apart. This mix of berries is both nicely sweet and a slightly sour, which gives it a nice twist. The cooling in this one is more prominent than in the previous two pieces but it is still bearable and won’t give you a brainfreeze.

Tropical Mix

Well trying this one was more of a guessing game because there are no specific fruits given in this mix. The first fruit you can pick up is a nice sweet guava which is very real-like. The taste of guava is accompanied by light notes of some citrus bitterness. There are some more fruits that blend the mix together and give him nice sweetness and freshness. The cooling here is low and slightly overpowered by the sweetness and it would be nice to see more of the cooling and I’d say this could take even the brainfreeze-inducing amount of it. That would make a really nice combo. However this still remains a nice refreshing mix made exactly for summer.

Melon – Pineapple – Strawberry

The last piece sounds like an interesting combo. From the first drag i tasted something really familiar. It was the taste of the melon, but rather than fresh this melon stands somwhere between the melon chewing gum and sour melon jelly candies. The next thing i can taste is some form of a strawberry that seems more fresh-like than the melon. There is also some slight bitterness that maybe comes froma the pineapple, but a woody pineapple. The cooling here is slightly underlining the combination and you’ll notice it mainly on your lips. The bitterness that kicks in in the end is a thing that i don’t quite like about this mix. It’s bearable, but i’d find this e-liquid more pleasurable if it wasn’t there.

The ICE range was a nice surprise for me. Flavours are nicely blended and topped of with the cooling which won’t either give you brainfreeze or choke you. Some of them could take more of it, but this range still makes a nice refreshing choice mainly for the hot summer but also for those who like fruits and want to try something icy without freezing their neck .